25 Mar Alternatives to gas powered equipment

There are alternatives to gas powered equipment. Bayview Garden Nurseries is powered by Greenworks Commercial. Greenworks is a line of lithium battery operated quiet tools. There are many benefits to battery operated equipment.


What are the benefits of Greenworks tools?

Instant Start  

  • Push a button or pull a trigger. They start right up. No hassle and best of all, no pull cords. There are less vibrations, therefore less fatigue. Consequently, a more energized staff and a higher quality maintenance job at your property.

Zero Emission

  • There are zero emissions. No smelly gas fumes. So you can enjoy the fresh air and smell of freshly cut grass. Hence, you can breathe easy!

Quiet Operation

  • They are a safer, quieter alternative to loud gas powered tools. These tools are powered by brushless motors so they are 50% quieter than gas powered tools. Quiet operation allows us to work where noise restrictions are in place. Furthermore, we can work without disturbing our clients.

One Battery Fits Multiple Tools

  • Swap batteries between tools. Batteries can be use on all tools requiring the same voltage platform.


How do we charge the batteries?

The lithium batteries are charged in our Eco-friendly truck. This truck is equipped with a mobile solar charging station. Solar cells on top of the truck, harness the energy of the sun. Batteries are recharged while driving to the next lawn maintenance job. Therefore, we can recharge all day long. As a result, our operating costs are reduced

Is there additional maintenance?

Greenworks Commercial equipment requires less maintenance than traditional gas powered equipment.  Brushless motors tend to be more reliable and require minimal maintenance. This means no down time. The tools are ready to work when we are. Because we make a living with our tools, we want something that we can rely on. Above all, we need tools that deliver power and performance. The battery technology of Greenworks Commercial delivers just that!

We want to minimize our impact on the environment. Using energy efficient equipment is one step in that direction. We continue to search for ways to become more environmentally responsible.

Greenworks Commercial tools are available at Bayview Garden Nurseries. We have mowers, blowers, trimmers and snow blowers. Smaller tools, such as drills and screw drivers are also available. You can be more energy efficient too!  Stop by or call us for further information.



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