25 Feb What is a hardscape?

A hardscape refers to any hard landscape materials that are incorporated into a landscape. This can include paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, sitting walls, stairs and walkways. Also included as a type of hardscape would be gazebos, arbors, fences, etc. Therefore, it is basically any part of the landscape that is made of hard  materials. These materials can include wood, stone and concrete products.

In contrast, softscape materials are the live horticultural elements of the landscape. Annuals, perennials and shrubs are examples of softscape materials. Hence, softscapes are living, hardscapes are not. We can assist you in combining elements of both hardscaping and softscaping that will transform your yard into an area you never want to leave.

Hardscape Products 

Hardscape products like Techo Bloc,   EP Henry, Belgard, Pavestone, Cambridge, Unilock, Versa Loc , Hanover, Quality Stone, Eldorado Stone and Cultured Stone are some of the products we use.  There are many designs, colors and styles available. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the right product for your project.

Shade structures like pergolas and gazebos are elements to consider when planning your dream landscape.  These architectural elements add shade as well as dimension to your landscape. Additionally, these products delineate space, provide structure and create focal points in your outdoor surroundings.

We would love to meet with your and discuss how we can create an amazing hardscape design for your home in South Jersey. Call us to schedule and appointment – 609-641-0648 or request an estimate here.

Why should I use hardscapes in my landscape project?

Hardscapes lend a timeless quality to any landscape. Properly designed and installed they add artistic beauty while dramatically reducing maintenance costs.  Adding walkways, walls, pergolas, etc.  to your landscape is a low maintenance investment. While softscape materials require watering, mowing and weeding, hardscapes don’t.

Using hardscape features is a great way to extend your outdoor entertainment space.  The paver patio shown here  includes an outdoor kitchen area as well as sitting walls. The nicely incorporated shrubs and trees provide privacy as well as added beauty.

Hardscaping is a fantastic way to add value to your property. You can define an outdoor room and create a seamless transition into nature. Sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor world.

The architects and designers at Bayview Garden Nurseries can create a unique design that is inspired by your imagination and our vision. Our ICPI certified, trained and uniformed staff will install your hardscape in your new construction, addition or renovation project.

The possibilities are endless!

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Together we can create a landscape design that is both beautiful and practical.