All About the Blooms: Annual Plants at Bayview Nurseries

Searching for the most dazzling annual plants and flowers? Look no further than Bayview Garden Nurseries. We  offer a selection so vast, every season feels like a botanical celebration. And here’s something special: Bayview Nurseries is a certified Proven Winners retailer, which means quality and excellence in every pot.

Seasonal Favorites at Bayview:

  • Spring Staples:
    • Petunias: A garden classic with diverse colors.
    • Lobelia: Its vibrant blues are springtime showstoppers.
    • Sweet Alyssum: A carpet of tiny, fragrant blossoms.
    • Begonias: Perfect for both shaded or sunny spots.
    • Calibrachoa (Million Bells): Miniature petunia-like flowers that spill beautifully.
  • Summer Highlights:
    • Marigolds: Their sunny disposition is a summer garden must-have.
    • Zinnias: Bursting with colors and a magnet for pollinators.
    • Lantana: Clustered flowers that thrive in the heat.
    • Cosmos: Tall, airy plants with daisy-like flowers.
    • Sunflowers (small varieties): A symbol of summer and joy.
  • Autumn Accents:
    • Pansies: Their hearty nature and vibrant colors are perfect for fall.
    • Ornamental Peppers: Both fiery in color and taste!
    • Mums (Chrysanthemums): The quintessential autumn bloom.
    • Asters: Late-blooming stars of the garden.
    • Celosia: Their plume-like flowers resemble flames, perfect for the season.

Bayview offers this and so much more. So whether you’re crafting a serene spring oasis, a sun-drenched summer garden, or an autumn haven, Bayview Nurseries has you covered. Dive in and let your garden dreams take root! 🌱🌸🍂🌼


Proper Planting & Spacing

Plant transplants closely so they fill in quickly. Usually, the tag will say to plant 8 to 12 inches apart, so pick 8 inches for a great show of flowers more quickly. Take a ruler into the garden, or measure off the spacing with a trowel. If the plants are a bit pot-bound (roots circling around), cut an X into the bottom with a knife or use your fingers to tease them apart so they make better contact with soil.


Annuals need water to thrive. Water them deeply two to three times a week after planting. Water early in the morning to allow foliage to completely dry. Adding mulch will help retain moisture and reduce the growth of weeds.  For the best show of color all summer, don’t let up on the watering.

Feeding Your Annuals

Once a week, feed your plants with a balanced all-purpose 20-20-20 fertilizer that you mix with water. Miracle Gro is one option, but there are others available including organics. Either will do the job. One good organic is fish emulsion, which is excellent when mixed together with a kelp-based fertilizer.