16 Apr Landscape Services Cost

How Much Does The Service Cost?

Landscape service costs vary. Costs depend on the size of your property and the amount of landscape beds versus turf areas. Our average cost for an island home is about $45 per week while the average cost for a property on the mainland is about $85 per week. This includes weekly mowing and bed maintenance. To set up a no obligation lawn and landscape evaluation give us a call at 609-641-0648. We’ll measure your property and visually inspect the turf, plants and landscape beds for weeds and disease. Finally, we’ll formulate a program that best suits your needs. We’ll recommend turf applications, mulch installation as well as disease and weed control.

Landscaping and hardscaping projects can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Again, this depends on the size of your project. Call one of our landscape architects/designers to review your vision. Or fill out an estimate request here. Our designers will come to your property to take measurements and discuss your ideas. They will then create a plan to bring your dream landscape to life. When the plan is completed, your designer will discuss the costs associated with it’s completion.


How Do I Pay For My Landscape Service?

Maintenance customers are billed monthly. For example, work completed in April is billed on the first of May. Landscape installation requires a deposit to schedule your work. Full payment is due once work is completed. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.  We can also automatically charge your credit card on a set day each month. Bayview has no obligation to continue or complete work if you don’t make payments when they are due.


Does Bayview Extend Credit?

Bayview does not extend credit to customers.  For that reason, if you are planning on doing an extensive landscape project you might want to consider a home equity loan.


Are There Unforeseen Fees Associated With Your Landscape Services?

Yes, federal, state and local taxes may apply. Furthermore, there may be fees to recoup any municipal, state and federal government assessments, permit fees, right-of-way access and any fees or payment obligations imposed by governmental or quasi-governmental bodies for the sale, installation, use, or provision of the service(s).


Are There Price Adjustments For Changes?

Price adjustments will be made if changes are made to your original contract. For example, additional charges will be incurred if you increase the frequency of tasks we are already performing. Adding services will result in an additional fee. Furthermore, a significant change to an installation project could result in increased costs.


Will Fees Be Adjusted Without My Approval?

No. We will not adjust your fees without your approval. Bayview and their customers shall mutually agree to the adjustment of a fee based on the service(s) required. Price adjustments will take effect on the date of the change in services. Changes to the size of the premise such as additional landscaping, fences, walkways, patios may result in price adjustments.


Will Bayview Provide Me With Notice of Price Changes?

Bayview will provide you with a notice of price changes. You will be made aware of any change in our standard prices or fees for landscape maintenance services.  If a new fee is associated with governmental taxes, fees or assessments we may not notify you unless required by applicable law.


Do You Charge Finance Charges?

Yes. Bayview charges 2% per month on all past due payments.


Does Bayview Discontinue Service For Lack of Payment?

Yes. Bayview may choose to discontinue your service if your account falls more than 15 days past due. Once your account becomes delinquent, we will give you every opportunity to become current before your service is suspended. We will resume your service when your account becomes current.


How do I Cancel My Landscape Services?

Service agreements commence on the date of signature. It renews automatically unless terminated by either party within 30 days of a written notice to the other party. Either party may terminate a landscape project agreement with a 10 day advance written notice. The cancellation date is the date the written notice is received. If you cancel, you will be responsible for all costs rendered up to the cancellation date. A final invoice will be sent within 30 days of cancellation.