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Landscape Design

drivewaysBayview Garden Nurseries has been creating and installing award winning landscape designs since 1952. We strive to enhance the beauty of your home and yard by offering professional designs by our certified landscape architect.


We provide an onsite comprehensive consultation in which we discuss your desires and goals and offer suggestions for possible design ideas. Our landscape architect will then create a design taking your needs, site conditions, environmental conditions and aesthetics into consideration.  When your design is complete, you’ll come into our nursery to discuss the plan and see the plants that have been chosen for your landscape.


We believe in creating landscapes that compliment and awaken your senses and add value and enjoyment to your property. We work with you every step of the way to develop the landscape of your dreams. The knowledgeable staff at Bayview Nurseries works diligently to make your experience with us an enjoyable one.


Every landscape we install must meet our standards of quality to ensure the Bayview name remains synonymous with pride and quality.


Bayview Nurseries is a full service residential and commercial landscape company offering installation of:

  • Trees & Shrubs                                                                                       
  • Annuals & Perennials    
  • Seasonal Plantings – Pansies, Mums, Asters, etc.                       
  • Irrigation
  • Ponds & Waterfalls                                                                                       
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Lighting
  • Fire Pits
  • Decks & Fencing
  • Arbors & Pergolas     
Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Regular lawn and landscape maintenance is key in ensuring a long, healthy life for your landscape and thus the lasting beauty of your property. Bayview Nurseries can maintain your new or existing lawn and landscape so you have time to relax and enjoy your property without the burden of constant yard work.


Your lawn makes a strong statement about you and your home. When your grass is overgrown, brown and full of weeds and bare spots, that statement isn’t a positive one. Tackling lawn maintenance yourself can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive. Without the proper equipment, knowledge and experience you can easily transform your property into the neighborhood showcase.


With the help of the experts at Bayview, you can have a lush, gorgeous lawn without all the work. We know you can hire a neighborhood kid to mow the lawn, but the services we provide will far exceed the quality and expertise you’ll get from an amateur with a lawn mower. We have been maintaining Atlantic and Cape May County residential and commercial properties since 1952. When your lawn and landscape are well manicured, it’s not only an aesthetic victory; it’s also more enjoyable to spend time outside.


We take customer service seriously. As a service provider, we value professionalism, experience, integrity and exceptional results that exceed our clients expectations.

Call us at  609-641-0648  for your commercial or residential property maintenance estimate.


Landscape Lighting


Bayview Nurseries provides excellent low voltage landscape lighting packages for you new or existing landscape. Design and installation incorporating soft up lighting, accent lighting and path lighting can really bring your landscape to life at night. We offer top of the line quality lighting fixtures and transformers.


Outdoor lighting is one of the premier ways to add beauty and elegance to your home and garden. From accenting the structural elements of your house and other buildings to focusing attention to particular areas of your yard, outdoor lighting adds drama by producing interesting shadows throughout your yard. The right combinations of lighting fixtures and layout will tremendously enhance the look of your property.


A little light can add a world of difference to the way your home is perceived by neighbors, guests and even yourself. Utilizing landscape lighting, will make your home and landscape stand out from the crowd. When landscape lighting is done correctly, its attractiveness is undeniable.


An added benefit of landscape lighting is the security it provides. Light in and surrounding your home acts as a deterrent to potential burglars. Landscape lighting offers a way to protect your home and family while providing an elegant look to your property.


Landscape lighting is a great way to increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to those who pass by. Light defines space, creates depth and makes your property appear more homey. Outdoor lights can be used to highlight points of interest – a pond or waterfall, a specimen shrub and much more.


If you’re interested in landscape lighting, contact Bayview Nurseries -609-641-0648. We can add lighting to your existing landscape or incorporate it into your new landscape design.


Irrigation Systems


Our irrigation design service includes an onsite visit, consultation, and free estimate. We have the expertise and experience to design and install a system that provides proper coverage and efficiency on residential or commercial properties. We use the best available products to meet your lawn and garden needs.

  • Irrigation Service and Repair – Whether your system needs to be activated, winterized, maintained or repaired, Bayview has the expertise it takes to get your system running properly. We can service your system even if it was installed by another contractor.

Call us today – 609-641-0648

Water Features


Bayview-Job-Pictures-060 (1)   Bayview-Job-Pictures-101   Bayview-Job-Pictures-097 (1)


Water features add qualities to the landscape that are virtually impossible to duplicate in any other form. Water can be calming, providing a gentle reflection of the world around it, or it can be a splashing, riotous point of interest. Water features can be contained in a small space such as a backyard birdbath, or it can spread wide and deep in ponds and waterfalls. Nothing quite captures the imagination like water. And for the gardener who has learned to “cultivate” it, water can change the focus and shape of the landscape. Your water feature becomes the focus from which other design elements – trees, shrubs, paths and statuary – radiate.


Although an open, sunny location away from buildings and overhanging trees will provide the best conditions fro most aquatic plant, this placement may not be possible in many mature landscapes. There are other important aspects to consider as well, such as where you’ll spend most of your time gazing at it. Do you want to see it from your living room or is it something you want to enjoy while in an outdoor living area?


Site selection can mean the difference between success and failure. Professional advice will lead to great results. Once you have a basic idea of what you want to accomplish, we can design your feature and advise you on plant choices and placement.


Planned maintenance will mean years of enjoyment. Regular care of your water feature will keep it looking neat and greatly extend it’s life.


Call our landscape design architect today and let Bayview Nurseries  help you make your vision a reality.


Hardscape elements are used to delineate space, provide structure and create focal points in your landscape. Hardscapes lend a timeless quality to any landscape as well as increasing the value of your property.


Bayview can help you on your new construction, addition or renovation projects. We can create a unique design that is inspired by your imagination and our vision. Whether it’s natural stone, manufactured stone or a combination of products and materials lets work together to make your dream a reality.


Our professional staff can build:

  • Patios
  • Paver driveways & walkways
  • Fireplaces/Firepits
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Retaining Walls
  • Front entrances
  • Custom Steps
  • And more….

Let’s get started. Give us a call to schedule your design consultation.


Snow Removal

When winter gets rough, we’re here to help. We offer snow removal, salting and sanding for residential and commercial properties.


Our snow removal service can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can pick or choose any or all of our options.


Don’t wait until you’re snowed in, call today for your free estimate    609-641-0648