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Our History…


The 1st generation:

Bayview Garden Nurseries is a family owned and operated landscape design and maintenance company. The Cummings family has been designing, installing and maintaining landscapes of residential and commercial properties in South Jersey for over 65 years.


Bayview Garden Nurseries was established in 1952 in Pleasantville, NJ by Harry and Betty Cummings.  Their home had a view of the bay between Pleasantville and Atlantic City. Hence, the name Bayview Garden Nurseries was born. Harry began his business working out of the trunk of his car. His tools consisted of  a powerless push mower, hand shears, a spade and a broom. Looking to expand, they purchased an eight acre plot of land at 2711 Zion Road in Northfield, NJ in 1956. We are still operating at this location today!


They added greenhouses in the early 1960’s and began raising annuals and vegetables from seed.  Some of the earliest varieties grown here at Bayview were geraniums, marigolds, ageratum, petunias, zinnias and Burpee big boy tomatoes.  Many of the yews, junipers, and arborvitae used in our first landscapes were started in our greenhouse propagating bench. They were then  transplanted to the field and grown into salable landscape shrubs.


Harry and Betty continued to grow their business servicing all of South Jersey from Atlantic, Cape May and Burlington counties. An offsite plant and gift shop was established in 1977. Betty began offering fresh floral designs in 1979 and hence the florist part of the business was born. When Harry and Betty retired in December of 1995, the company employed 10 people; consisting of one landscape crew, two lawn maintenance crews and the offsite florist shop.


The 2nd generation:

On January 1, 1996,  the 2nd generation of the Cummings family  took over.  Bruce, Bob and Bonnie Cummings took ownership of the company and formed Bayview Garden Nurseries, LLC.          In 1998 we redesigned the garden center.  A new building was added to house garden center products, the florist shop and the landscape and maintenance offices. Since then, we’ve invested in new and improved equipment.  Key positions and personnel have been added as well.


In 1998, Brent Kline joined our staff as the position of Certified Landscape Architect was added. A Lawn Maintenance Supervisor position was added in 2002. Consequently, we have added another landscape crew as well as several additional maintenance crews. A Lawn Maintenance Customer Service Representative joined our staff in July 2019



The 3rd generation:

The 3rd generation of the Cummings family entered the management team in late 2011 as Jason Cummings became the new Lawn Maintenance Supervisor/Operations Manager. He is helping to carry the torch to the next level.  Jason’s brother, Kevin joined the Landscape Design team in 2014. Bobby Cummings is currently the lead Landscape Construction Foreman, while Jon and Bruce, Jr are both Landscape Maintenance Foremen.


The 4th generation is now showing interest in carrying on the tradition. We hope to continue to grow as a family owned and operated landscape design and maintenance company.


After over 65 years in business we are now the oldest landscape design and maintenance company in South Jersey. Our organization has grown to include 30 full time and seasonal employees. The staff is  extensively trained in all aspects of the business. Therefore, our customers can have the confidence and trust that their experience with Bayview will be a positive one.


Our Core Values:

  • Customer Satisfaction: To focus on our customers to ensure we understand their needs and desires so we can tailor their project to meet and exceed their expectations.


  • Professionalism: To have a highly trained staff that acts in a professional manner while displaying the experience and knowledge to develop the confidence and trust of our clients as well as their peers.


  • Commitment to Quality: To supply the best products and services at a reasonable price.


  • Education and Training: To have the best trained and knowledgeable staff through continuous in-house training and attending continuing education courses so we can be the best at our positions for the company and for ourselves.


  • Pride of Workmanship: To take pride in the job we do no matter how big or small. We take pride in ourselves, our equipment and our work.


Our Mission:

 As a service and retail company, we strive to provide quality services and products to our clients in a professional, safe and environmentally sound method. We seek to provide a quality work place where employees may grow and reach their potential professionally and personally. We like what we do, and that makes a difference in our finished product.


The Cummings family and the team at Bayview Garden Nurseries will continue to educate ourselves in all aspects of the landscaping and horticultural industry with in-house training and by attending educational seminars throughout the year.    We will continue striving to be the best provider of lawn and landscape services in South Jersey by offering an outstanding experience to each and every customer. We look forward to serving the needs of our community for many more years to come.


Let our experienced team help you create the landscape of your dreams.


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