12 Jul Enjoy a Moonlit Garden

We are forever creating beautiful gardens for the hot, sunny and cool, shady areas of our yard, but don’t get to enjoy them because of hectic schedules that have us running here and there. With busy families finding fewer hours to enjoy their gardens during the day, why not create a beautiful garden that can be enjoyed after dark. Work is done. The kids have all been collected from their various activities. It’s dark, but it’s the perfect time to relax on the patio and enjoy a moonlit garden

Plan Ahead for a Successful Moonlit Garden

Consider the area you are planting in. Will it get sun, partial sun, all shade? Is the area windy or protected? Is there irrigation nearby or will watering by hand be necessary? Be sure your soil is healthy. If not amend it with topsoil and/or compost. Planting the right plants in the right area will ensure the success of your moonlit garden.

Plants for your Moonlit Garden

The secret to creating a moonlit garden paradise is to select white and pale colored plants that will shimmer in the moonlight. Just like any other garden, moonlit gardens should be filled with plants of various heights, textures and shapes. Start with some larger plants such as white hydrangeas or white lilacs. Plant things that will bloom in progression so you can enjoy your moonlit garden in different seasons. If you like to sit outside by the fire pit in early spring, plant some spring blooming bulbs like white daffodils, white crocus and white tulips. Many of the perennials that you enjoy in other areas of your yard also bloom in white. Perennials such as coneflower, phlox and campanula are some examples. Check the blooming periods for perennials to be sure something is always in bloom.  Annuals are the perfect way to add white blooms that will last all summer long. And many varieties are available in white – petunias, New Guinea impatiens, snapdragons, geraniums and begonias are just as beautiful in white as they are in other colors. More suggestions can be found here.

Think Variety

Don’t just think white. Plants that have silvery foliage such as Artemisia, Japanese painted fern, dusty miller and dianthus add variety in color and structure.  Plants with a variegated white edge, such as euonymus and hostas add a lovely contrast and will sparkle in the moonlight. Don’t just think plants. A nice white statue, a silver gazing ball or pretty white bird bath could be the final touch. A strategically placed trellis with night blooming moonflower or pretty clematis would be a lovely addition. An arbor covered with climbing white roses or a fountain with trickling water help to create a romantic atmosphere.  Also, consider fragrance. Mock orange and white lilacs both produce beautiful white blossoms as well as a wonderful fragrance.

A warm summer night, the crackle from the fire pit, lovely fragrance and trickling water …. It’s magical! Why not plan a moonlit garden today. We’re here to help. Give us a call – 609-641-0648