28 Jun Gardening in the Shade

Gardening in the shade – create an oasis in your backyard. We’ve heard the tune ‘Hot fun in the summertime” but when temperatures start to soar, we like to seek refuge in a cooler, shady spot. Gardening in the shade can be challenging if you’re not putting your plants in the right spot.

Beat the heat

Trees – nature’s air conditioners! One of the best and most attractive ways to beat the heat is to plant a tree.  Not only do they provide shade for our landscape, they provide shelter, food and nesting sites for wildlife as well as purifying the air. They can also be used to hide unattractive views as well as providing a buffer against noise and wind. Screening your yard from neighbors is another key benefit.


Provide shade

Gardeners spend a lot of time getting ready for summer, but don’t enjoy sitting in a hot, sunny area. And many plants don’t fare any better in the hot sun. It’s a common mistake to think that all plant require lots of sun to thrive and survive. Many small to mid-sized trees and shrubs, known as understory plants, thrive in the shelter of larger shade providing trees. The protection from the heat and damaging sun rays allows them to flourish. Older homes with established landscapes may have larger, mature trees. If not, create your own shady retreat.

Different shapes and branching habits allow you to plan and create the garden you desire. Set the mood with weeping, rounded or pyramidal shapes. Formal or country? Plan your dreamscape. Have fun gardening in the shade.


Planting in the shade

You have the shady area. What should you plant? Become familiar with the myriad of beautiful plants that need some protection from the sun to survive. Naturalizing bulbs such as daffodils, crocus, grape hyacinth, lily of the valley and snowdrops provide early spring color. Pacysandra, periwinkle, and sweet wooddruff are lovely ground covers and are very effective when planted in rings at the base of large trees. Annuals such as impatiens, begonias and nicotina perform best when planted in partial shade. Many perennials including fern, hosta, bleeding heart, astilbe and solomon’s seal prefer the cool, moist conditions of shade.


Relaxing in the shade

Don’t let summer’s heat chase you indoors. You’ve done all the designing, planning and planting. Now relax in your shade garden. Add a bench or hammock and marvel in the beauty of nature. Treat yourself to a garden in the shade, a serene oasis right in your backyard.


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