29 Sep Create a Relaxing Patio Garden

Traveling to an island, beach or lakeside retreat is always a fun and relaxing getaway. Unfortunately, such adventures are not always possible. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from a long day at work and relax on the patio in your own back yard? And wouldn’t  be even more enjoyable if you didn’t have to spend too much time creating and maintaining your patio oasis? A patio garden surrounded by gorgeous plantings and sheltered by a vine covered pergola can transform any ordinary backyard into your own private paradise.

Shape and Surface Materials

Patio gardens can be right out the back door or as a stand alone feature further out in the back yard. There are countless opportunities to create the garden of your dreams. Consider the actual patio surface. Do you want concrete, slate, red brick? Or something more formal such as precast pavers?  Also, consider shape, which may or may not depend on where your patio is. Is the patio shape confined because of it’s location near the house? Can you design a more free-form area away from the house? Informal shapes call for less formal materials such as mulch or pea gravel and typically can be created by the home owner.  If you’d like a more formal patio, it may be best to consult a landscape professional.

Raise Beds or Border Beds

Regardless of the shape and surface materials you decide on, adding the right mixture of plant material is a must. Raised beds around a patio can provide a bit of protection from wind and noise. The addition of raised beds also helps enclose the area and give you more privacy.    Always consider traffic flow when planning your beds so they aren’t trampled on by people and pets.


Shade structures are a wonderful addition to any patio oasis. Consider adding a pergola, arbor or trellis. Not only do they provide shade, but are also great places to grow plants. Fire pits or fire places are the perfect enhancement for those cooler spring and fall evenings. Water features provide a soothing ambiance and can be as simple or complex as your space allows. An outdoor kitchen and/or bar will help eliminate all those trips to the kitchen. Unique container gardens filled with annuals, vegetables and tropical plants are great for adding seasonal flair and interest. Check here for tips on container garden success.

Choosing Plants

Regardless of the beds you choose – raised, border or a combination of both, adding a mixture of lush plant material is the finishing touch. Combining both evergreen and deciduous shrubs with perennials and annuals will provide color and interest all year round. Choose perennials with different bloom times to ensure you have a succession of color. Add annuals where you can for color all summer long. Tuck in some spring blooming bulbs, such as crocus, daffodils and tulips and you’ll have early season color. Mums, asters and ornamental cabbage and kale are a great fall addition. If you chose to add a shade structure, plant some vining plants to add interest.

Patio container Garden

Stop in and we’ll be happy to assist you with the perfect plants to enhance your patio.

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