18 Jul Maintaining Your New Landscape


landscapeBayview Garden Nurseries just installed your new landscape. How should you maintain your new landscape?  There are three keys to success.  Remember, each plant requires different care. So, if you’re not sure, just ask the experts at Bayview. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Proper Watering

Different seasons require different care. The hotter it is, the more you should water. Make sure you water your plants every day for the first 2 weeks. This is necessary to saturate the soil below the mulch. For that reason, don’t rely on rain or the sprinkler as they may not saturate the soil as needed.

After that, you can slowly cut back the water each week. First, down to every other day, then 2-3 times a week and finally 1-2 times a week, weather permitting. It takes up to three years for a plant to be self-sufficient. So, heat stress can occur even in later years.

Proper Pruning

All plants in your landscape need some sort of maintenance. Whether you like things to be natural or sheared to be formal, there is no such thing as no maintenance. A simple pruning of shearing each year will help maintain the desired look for your yard. Furthermore, it will also invigorate new growth to keep plants healthy.  Click here for pruning tips.

Proper Fertilizer

Our landscapes are initially fertilized when they are installed. However, fertilization  is something to consider annually. If we are maintaining your landscape then you have no worries. This is something Bayview Garden Nurseries does automatically. Proper fertilization will help ensure that your plants are not starving for nutrients and have what’s needed to survive.

A rule of thumb for fertilizing your plants is 1 cup fer foot in height for shrubs or 1 cup per one inch caliper for your trees. Granular fertilizer applied just outside the foliage line is best. Choose the correct fertilizer for your plants. Make sure not to over fertilize your plants to ensure you don’t burn the foliage.

Should you have any questions about maintaining your new landscape give us a call: