31 Oct A Time for Tradition

Hand Made Custom Grave Blankets

Winter holidays are a special time. Most of us reflect back on our childhood when life was simpler. For that reason, holidays are a time for tradition. Recreate that warm, welcoming feeling of cookies baking in the oven or the aroma of hot cider simmering on the stove. Head over to the town tree lighting ceremony. Or watch the joy in the eyes of children as they watch Santa drive past on a fire truck. By honoring age old traditions or starting new ones, you can recapture the feeling of less hurried times, when communities and families were the heart of holiday celebrations.

Deck the Halls

Gather your family together for a holiday house decorating party. Make it as simple or as elegant as you’d like. Throw some logs on the fire, light the candles, put out the cider and cookies and start creating your own holiday traditions. Make your own fresh wreaths or start with premade ones.  We have fresh wreaths, centerpieces and evergreen filled containers perfect for the home entryway. Special orders are always welcome. It’s easy personalize our premade products. For instance add your own ornaments or a few cones and pods you’ve gathered from your yard. Fresh cut pine roping is perfect for dressing up your mantle, stair rails or porch railing. Roping is easily accented with bows or sprigs of holly.


Winter may signal the end of outdoor gardening, but it doesn’t mean working with plants has to end. It’s a great time to make gifts from your garden.  Create a wreath, herbal bouquet or dried and pressed flowers. All are perfect gifts for your gardening friends. There are lots of fun ways to create lovely, natural gifts with the beauty Mother Nature provides. Look around and use your imagination.

Don’t forget about poinsettias. Available in shades from cream to traditional reds and pinks, as well as some beautiful variegated varieties, poinsettias add instant yuletide spirit. They are also a thoughtful gift for the host or hostess. Tips on poinsettia care can be found here. 

Regardless, if you start by gathering from your own yard or add to a premade wreath, etc., it’s easy to start new holiday traditions. Or recreate the warm, festive spirit of past celebrations. Holidays are a time for tradition. Holiday decorations can help rekindle the warmth and festive spirit. Come visit us for inspiration.