02 Nov The Season for Planting

Here at Bayview Garden Nurseries, we have a saying: The front is for show, the back is where we grow…

What’s in your Backyard?

We’re sure the same is true for many of you. Protected from the scrutiny of neighbors, your backyard gardens are where you gain confidence. Your backyard is where you experiment with new plants, fun planting combinations or oftentimes just collections of your personal favorites.  Backyards across America are populated everything from cornfields to butterfly gardens. Is your backyard a bird sanctuary? Do you have a simple or elaborate pond? All too often, America’s backyards are just boring stretches of green. the season for planting is fall.

Landscape ShrubsWhile large tracts of turf were perfect for the neighborhood football games of yesteryear, the reality is that kids these days are trucked off to baseball games and soccer tournaments. That stretch of grass sees little use other than your weekly mowing. And to make matters worse, under the sizzling sun of August, those lawns turn from healthy greens to unattractive shades of yellow and brown. But that can be good news. After all, that brown patch is a sure sign of full sun! It’s time to turn that tired patch into a flower filled paradise.

The Season for Planting

Fall is the perfect time to start a garden. Plant material is available. Ideas are abundant. And the weekends are comfortable. The cool nights and regular rainfall will give your plantings the best opportunity to become established in your home landscape. Fall is the time to take your new list of favorites – and your ideas – over to our nursery. Perhaps you’d like sweeps of spring color. Then scatter pansies and daffodils by the bushel basket. Or maybe you’ve always longed for the sound of water – put in a pond, a fountain or even a simple birdbath. Want a touch of romance? Consider a secret garden, one fit for fairies, elves and gnomes. More on fall planting here.

Let whimsy be your guide. Your backyard garden might be the perfect place to bring some magic to your life. Stop by the nursery for all the ideas, plants and accessories you need to make your gardening dreams come true. If your project is too much for you to tackle or your own, give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out to discuss your wishes and assist in making your dream come true. 609-641-0648


Happy Gardening!