01 Nov Garden Treasures

When the garden is in its glory, it may seem like gilding the lily to place accents and ornaments among blossoming boughs. But as the artistic gardener weaves the colors and textures of a garden into a wonderful pattern, carefully selected garden accents can highlight the whole design. Garden treasures come in many shapes, sizes and forms.

Sculptures & Statues

Sculptures & statues express the personality of the gardener with their whimsical, mysterious, religious or abstract designs. Two stone rabbits peaking through the flowers can create a memorable tableau. And after the flowers have faded, the small statues add structural interest. Mirrored gazing globes – a Victorian fancy – have caught the imagination of modern day gardeners. Globes, large and small, on pedestals short and tall, add mystique to the garden.  They reflect the sky, foliage and flowers and of course the bright moonlight. Copper sculptures that sway in the breeze are restful, as are the soft, tinkling sounds of wind chimes. Decorative stepping stones can be used to capture children’s handprints.

Sundials, Columns & Benches

Sundials have been featured in gardens since ancient times. Many of the styles available today feature classical designs and inscriptions. Some can rest directly on the ground, while others set on elaborate pedestals. Stone columns topped by urns of lavender and trailing vinca make a grand entrance to any garden. And if your beds are snug rather than spacious, a single flower topped column will make a regal statement. To enjoy the pleasures of your gardens, there’s no better place than on a garden bench or swing. And every gardener could us a place for rest and contemplation.

Focal Points

Not simply window dressing, garden accents are also useful design tools that can provide a focal point for the garden. A tall ivy covered trellis placed in the back of the bed or a hanging basket on a shepherd’s hook add height and interest. Plant stands used to arrange containers at staggered levels or topiary forms are great for additional interest. Learn more about focal points here.

No Garden, No Problem

It isn’t even necessary to have a garden to enjoy the charms of garden ornaments and accents. They can just as easily decorate a balcony or terrace or add interest indoors. As the holiday season or your birthday approaches, don’t forget to splurge on yourself. Or maybe drop a little hint as you picture stone cherubs nestled under the roses or a fountain trickling into your garden pond.