25 Feb Should I install an irrigation system?

Irrigation will help your grass to grow and maintain your landscape. This is especially important  during periods of less than average rainfall. A properly installed irrigation system offers the ability to control how long and how often you are watering.


Benefits of an irrigation system?

Irrigation Systems Save Time & Money

The benefits of an irrigation system outweigh the initial investment. First, it will save you money. You’ll use less water,  hence a lower water bill. You’ll also save time. They do the watering work for you. Once installed, you can spend more time relaxing.

Our lawn sprinkler/irrigation systems are permanently installed. In contrast, hose-end sprinklers are portable and have to be physically moved around the yard. Today’s systems are more high-tech and efficient than their predecessors. Therefore, they provide more saving than before.

Fully Automated System

Sophisticated control panels make it easier to optimize the performance of your system. You program your irrigation system to run at the most optimal times. Above all, your lawn and landscape are healthier.

Controllers allow you to regulate when each zone runs.  For example, you can set your controller to specific days, time of day and run times. Some controllers measure temperature and wind as well as monitor rain. Programming options are endless.

A typical Bayview lawn/sprinkler irrigation system will consist of one or more zones. Zones are limited in size by available water pressure. Each zone covers a designated portion of the landscape. Furthermore, each section of the landscape is divided by micro-climate, type of plant material and type of irrigation equipment.

Sprinklers we use

The two sprinkler manufactures we use are Hunter and Rain Bird .  We use some back flow parts from Wilkins as well.

The type of sprinkler system you need is determined by several factors. These factors include the sprinkler radius and trajectory. Also considered are flow rate, and sprinkler patterns. We install pop-up spray heads and rotor heads. Pop-up sprinkler heads have a fixed spray pattern and cover a small area. In contrast, rotor heads cover large areas. They spray one or more streams of water and rotate.

Drip irrigation is beneficial in flower beds as well as some shrub areas. We’ll determine if drip irrigation should be included.

Our irrigation design service

Our irrigation design service includes an onsite visit, consultation and free estimate. As a result, our expert irrigation team will design the best system for your residential or commercial property.

We activate, winterize, repair and maintain irrigation systems.  The team at Bayview services all systems. Even those installed by another contractor.

Give us a call today – 609-641-0648.

Our expert team will have your new or existing system up and running in no time.

Bayview Garden Nurseries services Atlantic, Cape May and Burlington Counties. We service shore communities from Brigantine to Avalon and mainland communities from Smithville to Marmora and more. Not sure if we service your town? Just give us a call.