25 Jul New Ideas for Old Pots


There are tons of new ideas for old pots. In the past, when gardeners thought of window boxes and containers, they thought of geraniums, petunias, caladiums and marigolds. But not anymore! Today, just about anything goes as long as the plant doesn’t mind having its roots contained.  Of course, proper light, water and fertilizer are a must. Container gardens have broken with tradition, opening a myriad of possibilities.

Endless Plant Combinations

Shades of Purple Container Garden - Persian Shield, Scaevola, Torenia

Photo Courtesy provenwinners.com

Banana plants with bold, broad leaves add a vertical element to containers. Persian shield offers a spectacular foliage accent with its large coppery purple leaves striped in silver. Variegated Swedish ivy also makes a stunning focal point. Supertunias are vigorous, heat-tolerant annuals in shades of lavender, pink and white. And Scaevola and verbena produce superb purple or lavender/blue blooms all season long. For fillers and as a foil for brighter plants, there’s Helichrysum – in silver of limelight. When matched with dark red and purple foliage plants like Alternanthera and Ipomoea ‘Blackie’ (ornamental sweet potato vine), Helichrysum adds the sparkle.

King Tut Grass, White Licorice, Ipomoea in White Ceramic Pot

Photo Courtesy provenwinners.com

A resurgence in the popularity of Victorian coleus has taken containers in new directions. Coleus offer bright contrasting colors and interesting patterns. Heat and drought tolerant Evolvulus, with tiny deep blue flowers solves the problem of sun-drenched locations. And  Fuchsia ‘Gartenmeister’ brings a coral/pink splash to shady or partially shady sites.

Blue, Yellow and Purple Evolvulus, Lantana And Angelonia in Bluish Gray Container

Photo Courtesy provenwinner.com

Some of the newer zonal geranium varieties sport both striking flowers and leaves. Ornamental grasses like purple fountain grass bring upright narrow leaves and feathery flowers to otherwise broad leaved planters. There are many newer varieties of old favorites. For example,  ‘French Vanilla’ marigold, gets billing in this list because of its unusual creamy white flowers on bushy plants. Explore new varieties. The combinations are endless.

You too, can create new ideas for old pots. Jump on the bandwagon and brighten up your containers with an explosion of color, courtesy of new introductions and underused plants that are making a comeback! Experiment – try new combinations and add pizzazz to your ‘old’ containers.