Landscaping with Evergreens


Evergreens and flowering shrubs are the backbone of any landscape. There is a wide range of plant material that will add depth, dimension and color to your landscape. Landscaping with evergreens relies on many factors.


Most important to most homeowners is aesthetics. What will it look like?  Furthermore, light, water requirements, temperature, wind exposure, soil type and hardiness zone must also be considered. When planting in coastal communities, salt exposure is also a key consideration.


Trees and shrubs are either evergreen or deciduous. Evergreens retain their foliage all year long. Deciduous trees and shrubs drop their leaves in autumn. Watch a short video on how to grow evergreens.

Evergreen conifers are generally needled and retain their needles all year long. Conifer means cone bearing. Conifers can function as a unifying element in the landscape, or in some cases, a focal point. As a result these focal points, or specimens, can add drama to any landscape. Stop in and check out our selection of specimen evergreens.


Landscaping with evergreen shrubs like rhododendron, most azaleas, and andromeda will add color to your spring landscape.  They will flower in spring and will be flush with new growth by summer. Consequently, you get the best of both worlds – beautiful flowers in the spring and year round evergreen foliage. They are excellent in providing privacy and structure to support your overall landscape plan.


Choosing locations for evergreens requires some thought and careful planning. While they are great at creating privacy, they can also block your view – good or bad. Consider the mature size of your evergreens before you plant. Furthermore, know the mature size of your plants and be sure to give them sufficient room to grow. Our landscape design team can guide you in making the right choices.


We can answer all of your questions and concerns about which evergreens to plant in the area you’re looking to enhance. Stop in and see our huge evergreen selection. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to get it for you.