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22 Jul Jersey Shore Gardening

Jersey shore gardening can be challenging, but if you confront the limits and potential of the native conditions, and plan accordingly, you'll have a gorgeous garden that thrives. The landscape experts at Bayview Nurseries know the shore can be a hostile environment. Plants need to stand up to...

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01 Aug Be a Wise Waterer

Water Wise Tips Follow these easy tips to become a eco-friendly “wise waterer”! Watering your plants is important to their health and well-being.  It's possible to have a beautiful, productive garden and still reduce your water consumption. Hose with care. Use a hose with an on/off nozzle. One...

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22 Jun Color Your World

Adding a little color to your world can dramatically change the appearance of your landscape. Experiment - try something different in each area of your yard - a nice mixture of bright colors, shades of all the same color (monochromatic) or a wide variety of...

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