Water Features
About This Project

Water features add qualities to the landscape that are virtually impossible to duplicate in any other form. Water can be calming, providing a gentle reflection of the world around it, or it can be a splashing, riotous point of interest. Water features can be contained in a small space such as a backyard birdbath, or it can spread wide and deep in ponds and waterfalls. Nothing quite captures the imagination like water. And for the gardener who has learned to “cultivate” it, water can change the focus and shape of the landscape. Your water feature becomes the focus from which other design elements – trees, shrubs, paths and statuary – radiate.


Although an open, sunny location away from buildings and overhanging trees will provide the best conditions fro most aquatic plant, this placement may not be possible in many mature landscapes. There are other important aspects to consider as well, such as where you’ll spend most of your time gazing at it. Do you want to see it from your living room or is it something you want to enjoy while in an outdoor living area?


Site selection can mean the difference between success and failure. Professional advice will lead to great results. Once you have a basic idea of what you want to accomplish, we can design your feature and advise you on plant choices and placement.


Planned maintenance will mean years of enjoyment. Regular care of your water feature will keep it looking neat and greatly extend it’s life.


Call our landscape design architect today and let Bayview Nurseries  help you make your vision a reality.