06 May Water Features

Water features add qualities to the landscape that are virtually impossible to duplicate in any other form. Water can be calming, providing a gentle reflection of the world around it, or it can be a splashing, riotous point of interest. Water features can be contained in...

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06 May Outdoor Lighting

Bayview Nurseries provides excellent low voltage landscape lighting packages for you new or existing landscape. Design and installation incorporating soft up lighting, accent lighting and path lighting can really bring your landscape to life at night. The best choice of quality lighting fixtures and transformers are offered.   Outdoor lighting...

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06 May Landscape Design

Starting with design and ending with a beautifully landscaped property, our staff can expertly handle every phase of your project. Our landscape architect can incorporate a fountain, pond, waterfall or stream into a unique landscape design you'll love. We can integrate pavers, rocks, brick and...

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