01 Nov How can I make a holiday wreath?

Holiday wreaths are one of the most popular Christmas decorations. The winter holidays are a magical time filled with goodwill and the good company of family and friends.  Moreover, such a special time of year deserves to be celebrated with special decorations. So this season, why not move beyond the basic balsam wreath with the large red bow and create some holiday sparkle all your own? Just look around your yard and home. You’re sure to find the makings for the very merriest of wreaths.

You can start with a traditional balsam wreath for your base. Add any number of different evergreens, cones or berries to create your own uniquely, beautiful door or window adornment.  You’ll be able to easily add many evergreens right into your balsam base.  While others will need to be wired, attached to floral picks or hot glued into the evergreen base. You are only limited by your imagination!

What can  I use in my wreath?

Incense cedar, with its flat, green leaves and mustard yellow fruits are a great choice. You could add leafy evergreens, such as magnolia, holly or boxwood.  Seeded eucalyptus, which displays blush pink or silver gray berries above its faded green leaves is another excellent choice.

We gather sprigs of blue-leaved juniper with its blue berries and lay them atop an evergreen base for subtle contrast. Head outside and  scavenge your yard and garden for interesting vines, twigs, and seedpods. Furthermore, the dried brown cones of echinacea, arranged in groups of three or five, add interesting shapes and textures to a wreath.

Also, clusters of almonds, pecans, and walnuts will lend a woodsy note, while the airy flower heads of plumed or bottlebrush grasses will offer a spectacular contrast of forms.  For or a sizzling finish, try hot peppers in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Certainly don’t forget to raid the herb garden for bluish green rosemary and silvery lavender. If you need more information on drying herbs it can be found here.

Plan ahead…

Are you contemplating next year’s garden?  You should consider adding plants that can be harvested for next season’s wreaths. Include grasses, flowering shrubs and  evergreens in your planting scheme. Equally important are plants that dry well or that offer architectural interest after the flowers have passe.  This way you’ll enjoy your gardens while they are in bloom, as well as appreciate their beauty in wreaths after the flowers have faded. This holiday start a brand new tradition and decorate your home with the bounty of your gardens.


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